Webview control for Windows Store app – C#/XAML

The WebView_LoadCompleted event has been deprecated & is/will be obsolete. It may not be available after Windows 8.1 so you should use the NavigationCompleted event instead.  As an example, to get the current URL of from the webview control, try this: private void myWebView_NavigationCompleted(WebView sender, WebViewNavigationCompletedEventArgs args) {     string myUrl = sender.Source.ToString(); }

Max UI element size on Windows Phone

If you plan to use a TextBlock control to display large text files, be aware that the maximum viewable size of the control is 2048 x 2048 pixels.  That being said, if the text file extends beyond that 2048px range, the control will “expand” to that size, but the area beyond 2048px will not be visible.  […]

Customizing DataItems and the ItemDetailPage when using the Grid Template for Windows Store Apps

This article applies to Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012. The Grid App template in VS2012 offers a attractive and fully functional foundation for building data-based apps for the new Windows Store.    It is great for presenting information in a well-organized manner.  However, because it’s just a template, it needs to modified if you want to present […]


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Update Listbox.ItemsSource when not using ObservableCollection

When you’re using an ObservableCollection<T> which implements the INotifyPropertyChanged interface, updating the source of items for a ListBox or other control can be done almost “automatically” with DataBinding.  But, if you’re using a basic List<T> as an ItemSource for say a ListBox, then any changes to the List<T> aka the “ItemSource,” will not be immediately reflected in […]

CMS blog update

It seems I’ve been busy the last few months, as evidenced by the lack of recent posts here. The summer has flown by, and there’s been a lot of exciting news in the Windows world. Windows 8 will soon be here, as well as Surface & other Win8/WinRT tablets, and also the new Windows Phone […]

Using Telerik RadSlideView (Q1 2012 Release) on WP7

The Telerik SlideViewer has recently been revamped, and includes some nice built-in features.  If  you’re updating from the previous version, you’ll need to make some minor changes to your code in order for it to work.  Click on the images to enlarge so you can see the code.  In order to use this control, and it’s advanced […]

AT&T where is WP7?

Just received a copy of “AT&T Magazine” (I didn’t request it), which is basically a catalog of their smartphone lineup.  There was not a single Windows Phone in the entire catalog.   There also was no iPhone in it.  But, they don’t need to advertise iPhones, so that’s understandable.  On the contrary, WP7 needs needs every bit of […]