1. How do I add items to my ‘Favorites’ section?   One of the first things you’ll want to do when you start using this app, is to load up your Favorites tab (pivot).  Tap items to select, and tap the ‘Add to Favorites’ (the heart) button on the menu bar at the bottom of the screen.   Typically, you’ll want to add items that you buy frequently, such as milk, bread, eggs, pasta, fruits & vegetables, etc.   After a short time using the app, you should be able to create most of your grocery lists right from the favorites tab, which makes it very fast and convenient.
  2. Why aren’t there little pictures next to each item, or checkboxes, item counts,  or sub-titles (notes) for each item?  The purpose of this app is simply to help you make grocery lists very quickly.  When we used to make handwritten lists, did we draw little pictures of bananas next to where we wrote “bananas?”  Of course not.  Would we make a note for that item indicating brand or quantity?  Not likely, unless purchasing something specifically for a certain recipe, and we didn’t want to buy too much or too little of it…(ie:  16oz bag of chocolate chips for a cookie recipe).  Most of us already know what brand of milk we want, whether it’s 2% or nonfat, and we already know which brand of cheese we buy, and which brands of cereal we like.    For atypical/unusual items, you can simply add a ‘custom item’ to the database and save it to your list.
  3. How many items are already included in the database?  Over 300 common grocery items.  It’s easy to add additional custom items (from the Add New Item tab), or remove items from the database (just select items and press the delete button on the menu bar).
  4. Can I  use it in landscape mode?  Landscape mode is not supported because the purpose of this app is to be fast and easy, thus supports “one-handed” usage.   You can literally hold your phone in one hand and check items off your list while literally getting the item off the shelf with your other hand.  Both light and dark themes are supported.
  5. Can I sort my list by category of the items?  Not at this time.  This feature may be added in the future.
  6. An error occurred, it crashed, or something bad happened.  Why?   If you experience any unusual behavior with the program, please send me an email or reply to this post with a description of the problem.  But, if you use the app in a typical fashion, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Other Tips:  It you have a list already made, but want to edit it to add more items, Tap  the Edit button on the toolbar, rather than trying navigate thru several pages with the backbutton.

3 thoughts on “quickshop

    1. Thanks for the helpful feedback Dan. I actually agree with you, and plan to address that in the next update. I think we’ll need to rework the animation and change the way the ‘checked off’ items are displayed.

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